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 August 2019

We pride ourselves on the fact that we always try to offer only the finest quality service and we endeavour to ensure that all of our customers receive our attention at all times. We are very privileged that our customers often take the time to provide feedback about us. All of our customer feedback is greatly appreciated, as it not only helps us maintain our high standards, but also provides new customers with impartial insights into the quality of our service we provide. If you would like to send us a testimonial or if you have positive or constructive feedback on how we can improve our customer service, please contact us with your comments.

Dave McConnell.jpg
Our Drivers: David McConnell

Date: 8th - 18th August 2019

Departing: London, England

Arriving: Wroclaw, Poland

"Both drivers were fantastic. Fantastic service from all the drivers, incredibly helpful and invested in our trip. When AC issues occurred on the way they tried everything they could to solve the problem! Thanks from GB!"

Matthew Shane, coach, GB Ultimate

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